Mapping to Extract from Excel Using INFA B2B

Mapping to Extract from Excel Using INFA B2B

Posted by: Informatica Platform

This listing provides samples for extracting content from excel using Informatica B2B DT.


Excel is ubiquitous in a corporate environment and a lot of valuable information is stored in these documents. Informatica B2B data transformations allow us to extract data from excel. Attached are the samples which can be used while building mapping that extract data from excel.


PowerCenter Version : 8.6.x, 9.x


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  • Hi,I had couple of questions:1) I have an excel in 5.0/95 excel format, which DT is not able to read, I am not getting the anything in the example window to choose the markers/consent, but if I manually save the file as in 97 excel format I am able to see xml format of the xls, is there any other pre processor or stpes to be used in this case, I have bascailly tried all combinations in the parser so far and no luck2) What options do we have for the loop trhough many files?, like I have 4 different sets, each set with ~400 files and within each of 4 set the file format is sameThanks,Satish
  • Please provide User specification document.