Automated EDI migration solution

Automated EDI migration solution

Posted by: A.B Link Consulting

A.B LINK's Automated EDI migration simplifies and reduces the risk from your migration project, by automating the conversion of maps from different EDI tools into Informatica B2B platform.


Our automated EDI migration solution includes:
  • Generation and translation of Informatica Maps : Automate the translation of legacy maps from your existing B2B gateway into the Informatica B2B platform.
  • Map translation support for various common legacy B2B gateways , such as IBM, OpenText EDI tools and more.
  • Automated testing framework: Before retiring a legacy map, it's vital to validate that new and old maps are generating exactly the same results on a large dataset. Our migration solution allows testing and comparing map results in seconds, instead of a tedious manual testing. This can save up to 90% of time.


  • Informatica B2B Data Exchange.
  • Informatica Cloud B2B gateway.


A.B Link is a consultancy firm specializing in data integration and management solutions with a focus on B2B integration. We have successfully delivered EDI related implementations to a wide range of companies, including large, well-known corporations. Our success is due to our focus on our expertise in Data Integration and B2B. Our in-depth knowledge of the concepts, methodologies, and the ability to tailor a complete solution to the customer make us the right choice to deliver the right solution in the fastest time.. Headquarters 459 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024United States +1 (212) 634-4566

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