Create Positional Parser/Serializer/XSD from Spec

Create Positional Parser/Serializer/XSD from Spec

Posted by: Informatica Professional Services

Automate the creation of positional parser/serializer/XSD from spec using B2B DT Automation.


While we all know one can create a DT transformation from any format into any other format, some formats are simple\common enough to be handled by the BA (Business Analyst) without the developer’s involvement.

The idea is that the BA will document the structure of the document anyway, so instead of the developer implementing it into code manually, importing the spec will automatically do the work.

In the demo you’ll find how we use a predefined template that can represent positional files in order to automatically create the B2BDT runtime objects. Also download the sample project and the test data file.

In order to obtain the package or more details, please contact B2B vertical team in IPS.




  • This sample can be used with any version of Data Transformation.

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