Bundle: B2B Data Transformation Templates

Bundle: B2B Data Transformation Templates

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Informatica B2B data transformation templates simplify your implementation and improve efficiency. Download free data transformation templates today!


Data Transformation is an application that processes complex files, such as messaging formats, HTML pages and PDF documents. The Data Processor transformation processes unstructured and semi-structured file formats in a mapping. You can configure the transformation to process messaging formats, HTML pages, XML, and PDF documents. Transform structured formats such as ACORD, HIPAA, HL7, EDI-X12, EDIFACT, AFP, and SWIFT.Data Transformation installs by default when you install Informatica Developer (the Developer tool). You can define a Data Processor transformation to transform complex files in a mapping. When you run a mapping with the Data Processor transformation, the Data Integration Service calls the Data Transformation Engine to process the data.Following is the list of Various B2B Data Transformation examples that can jumpstart your B2B learning. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find these examples useful.1.  B2BDT : unzip pre-processorInformatica B2B pre-processor to unzip documents from a zip file2.  B2BDT : Specification Driven TransformationDynamically generate DT transformation and XSD corresponding to the different messages formats.3.  B2BDT : xs:dateTime generationExtract timestamp values from your XML / XSD documents.4.  B2BDT : Automation Template for Excel ParserCreate a parser\XSD to parse Excel from a template using B2B DT Automation.5.  B2BDT : Automation Template - Excel GeneratorAutomate Excel file generation using B2B DT.6.  B2BDT : Convert Hierarchal Data into Relational DBUsing B2B DT, create a process that takes Hierarchal data into Relational Database (XML to Relational DB).7.  B2BDT : Creating a MapperThe B2B DT Example given here demonstrates XML to XML Conversion.8.  B2BDT : Defining SerializerThe B2B DT Example given here explains how to convert XML file other format.9.  B2B DT : HL7 ParserThe B2B DT Example given here demonstrates configuring HL7 Parser.10. B2B DT : HTML ParserThe B2B DT Example demonstrates how to construct a parser for an HTML document.11. B2B DT : Positional Parsing of a PDF DocumentThe B2B DT Example given here uses a positional strategy to parse the document.12. B2B DT : Data Transformation JSON SupportAutomatically generate a Parser, Serializer, and XSD for JSON object using Data Transformation Studio.


  • Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.
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  • Is this right tool to Produce Custom PDF documents as well as Custom Multi tab Excel documets ?
  • Hi Team,What is the license cost for unstructured data tranformation?.Thanks,Vamsi
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  • It wll be a great help if you could help me in increasing performance of DT code. Some complex mapper and parser projects are taking lot of time to run the service. Can you please list the components which we can avoid for better performance. Or some more performance measures that we can take.
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  • Sample Demo Projects will be very useful for beginners to understand the basic DT concepts practically. Thanks.