B2BDT: Automatic Mapping Documentation Generation

B2BDT: Automatic Mapping Documentation Generation

Posted by: Informatica B2B

Using B2B Data Transformation, this tool automatically generates documentation for your PowerCenter Mapping in few seconds and saves an enormous amount of developer time.


Projects are never complete without documentation. As a best practice, all development artifacts must be well documented to ensure there is a history of changes. More importantly, clear and easily assessable documentation is needed to facilitate code reuse. Developers can save countless hours of re-inventing the wheel if they can easily find out what is already available to use. Documentation is often omitted simply because it is too time consuming to create. When it is provided, often times it is inconsistent or incomplete as different authors have different ideas of what information is important and should be documented.The Auto Documentation Generator built with B2B Data Transformation works by reading the XML export of a PowerCenter mapping. B2B Data Transformation is the ideal choice to process XML formats and can easily extract all relevant information about the mapping. It takes advantage of developer notes that can be inserted directly into PowerCenter mappings.


Saves time

Mapping documentation is generated in seconds, rather than hours/days.

Standardized and complete

An automatic process ensures consistency and completeness. All aspects of the mapping are documented into a pre-defined format.

  • PowerCenter version 9.1 and 9.5


Ophir Chen Informatica Professional Services, Technical Delivery Manager. ochen@informatica.com Ted Wang Informatica Professional Services, B2B Senior Consultant. twang@informatica.com

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