Bundle: PowerCenter Script Files

Bundle: PowerCenter Script Files

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The bundle contains the following set of listings. Visit individual listings for details.1.  VBScript to combine XLSX files into a single fileThis script will combine two Excels files into one workbook and can be used in a PowerCenter post-session task.2.  Script : Repository Connection list & AttributesA useful shell script to generate list and attributes of Database connections defined in PowerCenter repository.3.  VBScript to Convert CSV to XLSA reusable Visual Basic Script that will convert a CSV file generated by Informatica PowerCenter into a nicely formatted native Excel file.4.  PowerCenter : Script to Export Folder ObjectsScript using pmrep command to export all or selected objects from Informatica PowerCenter folder by using Query functionality.5.  PowerCenter : Script to assign Object permissionsScript using pmrep command to assign permissions to PowerCenter folders, connections and query objects.6.  PowerCenter : Script For Repository BackupsAn example PowerCenter backup script and the visual basic script to delete files based on age.7.  PowerCenter : Script to Unschedule All WorkflowsA technique to unschedule all PowerCenter workflows automatically using MX views and pmcmd.8.  PMREP Admin Scripts : Repository ManagementSet of useful shell scripts for Informatica Administrators: Take backup of Multiple repositories, delete unwanted connection objects.9.  PowerCenter : Unix Script to Create Multiple UsersSolution to create multiple users with help of MS Excel and Unix Shell Script.10. Script to Analyze Session LogThis listing provides ability to read the session logs to capture the load statistics.11. Script to Clean Up of Versioned RepositoriesThis script allows for cleaning up of older versions of repositories.12. PMREP Admin Scripts : Repository Object ManagementSet of useful shell scripts for Informatica Administrators: Export, Delete Multiple PowerCenter Repository Objects.13. PMREP Admin Scripts : Folder ManagementSet of useful shell scripts for Informatica Administrators: Create and Backup Multiple Repository Folders.14. VB Script to convert multiple Excel files to CSVA simple VB Script to convert your multiple Excel (xls) files to CSV format quickly.15. Script : Identify and Abort Suspended WorkflowA Shell script template that lets you monitor workflow for suspended state and aborts it.16. PowerCenter Startup Script with Database CheckA script that checks and verifies the database connections before starting Informatica PowerCenter.17. Script to Create DI Service and RepositoryPython script to create DI service and repository.18. PowerCenter : Script to Import ObjectsScript using pmrep command to automate the import of all or selected objects into Informatica PowerCenter folder.19. PowerCenter Script : Validate Folder ObjectsPowerCenter scripts using pmrep commands to do bulk validation of PowerCenter objects in a folder.20. Informatica Script ? Check Service StatusChecks status of services running on Informatica server.21. PowerCenter Flatfile source XML from Excel- ScriptAutomate the creation of source in PowerCenter Designer based on information provide in csv file.22. Generate PMREP Script : Update Sequence GeneratorSynchronize sequence generator transformations between PowerCenter environments by automatically generating PMREP scripts.23. Pearl Script : Adding Newline Characters to FilesPerl script that converts the end-of-record delimiter in a flat file source to end-of-record followed by a new line character that can be run as a pre-session command.24. SleepSavers : Smart Workflow Restart ToolSleepSavers is a set of Python wrapper scripts designed to intelligently start and?if failure is detected?restart Informatica workflows to avoid nuisance production support and night time wake up calls for simple connectivity issues.25. Excel Macro : Merge All Your Excel Files In To OneA very handy Excel Macro that allows you to merge data of all your excel files from the selected folders in to one.


  • Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.
  • Visit individual listings for more details.


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