REST based SIF API Client for Informatica MDM

REST based SIF API Client for Informatica MDM

Posted by: Informatica GCS

REST based implementation of MDM SIF APIs, provided with complete package including all relevant jars along with sample code for MDM Sample ORS


Services Integration Framework (SIF) is a services framework (SOA* enabled) that can be configured for Informatica MDM Hub that interfaces with client programs. Logically, it serves as a middle tier in the client/server model. It enables you to implement the request/response interactions using SIF access protocols.SIF framework encapsulates an API based access in the form of a toolkit to build Web Services-based access to Informatica MDM Hub data. MDM SIF contains the API, SIF SDK and set of tools to generate/deploy web services. SIF APIs can be implemented with Java/XML representations using any of the following protocols: SOAP, HTTP, and EJB.This template provides the SIF implementation with REST protocol using EJB option thereby providing transactional capabilities. This template can work with minimal configuration changes to suit the MDM-Sample ORS that is shipped along with the MDM product. For other ORS schemas, you may update the relevant code sample to get it working.


REST based SIF client is a sample SIF implementation using REST/EJB protocols over the MDM-Sample ORS schema.

Implementation includes

Configurable property file to suit any ORS.Sample code for Put, Search Query SIF APIs Dependent jar files.


Quicker way to implement REST protocol. Reliable transaction management on REST.

System Requirements

  • Application Server: Weblogic 10.3.6
  • Java Version: 1.7+
  • Database : Oracle
For other application servers or database servers, you can change the corresponding jar files accordingly