CDQ Report, Dashboard and Profile Warehouse Template

CDQ Report, Dashboard and Profile Warehouse Template

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality Unit

Managing the quality of data within an enterprise requires precise feedback on the data quality of any data movement.  The Data Quality Cloud Report, Dashboard, and Profile Warehouse Template solution provides a means to take already ongoing activities (data specifications, expectations, validation rules and profiling) and combine them together in a process to generate periodic data quality reports and dashboards to provide immediate metric feedback into the current and trending state of data quality.


The Cloud Data Quality Report, Dashboard and Profile Warehouse Template is designed to provide a framework to capture reporting metrics for data quality issues, and access data available in the profile warehouse. Furthermore, it demonstrates how to visualize the data in a business intelligence tool or incorporate into Informatica Axon.  The template includes a database schema, sample data and mappings to load metadata about the objects in the Cloud into dimension tables, sample reports and Dashboards illustrating DQ metrics. In addition, it includes sample data to load into the schema to allow you to view the reports without having the system up and running and generating metrics.



  • Supports creation of Data Quality Dashboard and Reports
  • Supports extracting metrics from the Profile Warehouse
  • Supports reporting data quality scores to Informatica Axon
  • Flexible Infrastructure and Schema.
  • Easily adaptable for any Business Intelligence Tool.
  • Easily adaptable for any
  • Sample Mappings for quick start
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)
  • Informatica Cloud Data Quality (CDQ)
  • Informatica Cloud Application Integration (CAI)
  • Informatica Axon v7.0 or higher
  • Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse V2




This package is provided as-is for customers to get started with Data Quality Dashboard and Reporting. Please use communities for questions

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