Getting Started with Tableau Analytics

Getting Started with Tableau Analytics

Posted by: Eccella Corporation

Quick start program offering an effective, guided approach to launching your Tableau analytics program on top of your Informatica deployment


Eccella collaborates with your team to capture key business success criteria and define your ?quick wins? to deliver measurable success. Any successful business intelligence program must account for its underlying data, performance management, operational decision support, and advanced analytics. Whether you use Informatica PowerCenter, Cloud or Rev, you already invested in the Informatica infrastructure to help you integrate, manage and prepare the data for analytics. We are committed to delivering an analytics effort that helps you see, understand, and manage your data like never before.



Data Management & Analytics company making good organizations great using data insights. Eccella leverages its industry experience, product expertise, best practices and products to deliver solutions. Headquaters Eccella Corporation 545 8th Avenue, Suite 680New York, NY 10028 Phone No : 1 (855)

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