Informatica Deployment Manager

Informatica Deployment Manager

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Use Informatica Deployment Manager to create a custom Docker image and then run the image to create an Informatica domain within the Docker container. You can use Informatica Deployment Manager to deploy PowerCenter and Data Engineering Integration on Docker and Kubernetes platforms. The deployment manager provides a quick and easy way to install the Informatica domain through a web-based interface. If you choose to deploy the Informatica product on Kubernetes, Informatica Deployment Manager also provides you the ability to manage the deployed product, starting from managing its domains, services, and nodes to applying Emergency Bug Fixes (EBFs).  


Informatica Deployment Manager for PowerCenter and Data Engineering Integration

The following table lists the supported product versions and mentions whether you can deploy the products on Docker or Kubernetes:

 Supported Products


 Deployment Type



 Docker, Kubernetes

 Data Engineering Integration


 Docker, Kubernetes


Supported Services

The following table lists the products and their supported services and indicates the products that supports the creation of the cluster object and cluster connections:



 Supports creation of the cluster and connection options


 PowerCenter Repository  Service

 PowerCenter Integration Service


 Data Engineering Integration

 Model Repository Service

 Data Integration Service

 Monitoring Model Repository Service

 Email Service



Quick Deployment on Docker

With quick deployment, you can download and run the Informatica Docker image with a pre-built image. With the one-click deployment in Informatica Deployment Manager, you can configure the Informatica domain for PowerCenter and Data Engineering Integration on a Docker platform. You can use this feature to check whether PowerCenter and Data Engineering Integration can be deployed and used according to your requirements on a Docker platform.

Managing Existing Deployments on Kubernetes

In addition to new deployments, Informatica Deployment Manager also provides the interface to manage existing deployments of PowerCenter and Data Engineering. You can manage and update the domains, application services, and nodes associated with existing deployments that are already running on Kubernetes. If Informatica releases an Emergency Bug Fix (EBF) that apply to the deployed product, you can also apply the EBF using Informatica Deployment Manager.


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