MDM Resource Kit: PartyWebServiceExample

MDM Resource Kit: PartyWebServiceExample

Posted by: Informatica Master Data Management

Example built using MDM Services Integration Framework to demonstrate how to access, update, or distribute data stored in an Informatica MDM Hub using web services.


PartyWebServiceExample is available as part of the MDM Hub Resource Kit. The Informatica MDM Hub Resource Kit is a set of examples and utilities that assist you in integrating the Informatica MDM Hub into your applications and workflows.PartyWebServicesExample is an example of a set of composite web services built around the Informatica Sample Schema provide with the Resource Kit.The web service is built using the Axis web services framework used for web service infrastructure, Caster for the custom marshaling layer, and the SIF APIs for accessing the Informatica MDM Hub. It is built using the Services Integration Framework(SIF) SDK provided as part of the Informatica MDM Hub Resource Kit. NOTE:The download provided as part of this listing contains documentation and source code examples for creating Web Services to access, update, or distribute data stored in an Informatica MDM Hub. PartyWebServiceExample is part of the MDM Multidomain Edition - Resource Toolkit. We recommend that you use the Informatica MDM Resource Toolkit installer of the appropriate product version to access the complete Resource Toolkit. Before you run the Informatica MDM Hub Resource Kit installer, the Informatica MDM Hub must be installed and configured for your environment. In addition, you need to install and register the Informatica MDM Hub Sample ORS.



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