MDM: Informatica Data Director Demo

MDM: Informatica Data Director Demo

Posted by: Informatica Master Data Management

Sample application that demonstrates how to achieve a unified view of master data across multiple enterprise applications for Data Governance using iDD.


The Informatica Data Director Demo is an example of the Informatica Data Director interface. Using the sample configuration file (bddDemo.xml) and the configuration tool, you can set up a Data Director interface for the sample schema included in the Resource Kit. It is built using the Services Integration Framework (SIF) SDK provided as part of the Informatica MDM Hub Resource Kit.The Informatica MDM Data Director Option enables the governance of master data by every key stakeholder. Its intuitive Web-based interface empowers all stakeholders?business users, data stewards, and IT managers?to create, consume, manage, and monitor master data simply, rapidly, and cost-effectively. You can Search and view master data details, hierarchies, and relationships immediately and securely via the user interface or within business applications. The Data Director Option facilitates business adoption of master data (such as customer, product, channel partner, supplier, and employee data), delivering immediate efficiencies within business functions and boosting productivity with faster access to more accurate information. It also supports more effective compliance initiatives by providing a complete and consistent view of master data, its history, and its lineage. NOTE:The download provided as part of this listing contains documentation and sample configuration for implementing iDD Demo. iDD Demo is part of the MDM Multidomain Edition - Resource Toolkit. We recommend that you use the Informatica MDM Resource Toolkit installer of the appropriate product version to access the complete Resource Toolkit.Before you run the Informatica MDM Hub Resource Kit installer, the Informatica MDM Hub must be installed and configured for your environment. In addition, you need to install and register the Informatica MDM Hub Sample ORS.



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