Automated Testing Framework for ETL

Automated Testing Framework for ETL

Posted by: Informatica Professional Services

This automated testing framework is a generic framework which can be used for both system testing & regression testing.


In a data integration project the QA process involves multiple steps which includes
  • Setting up the source and target systems
  • Populating source and target test data
  • Running of the PowerCenter & other dependent jobs
  • Validating the results
  • Logging the test results
In a typical project these are done manually and repeated multiple times throughout the project lifecycle. The automated framework presented here provides a way of automating these steps. The components of this framework are:An excel interface to capture the steps described above. The test steps that can be configures are:
  • Connect and execute database Queries
  • Run Informatica jobs.
  • Define variables.
  • Execute OS Command.
  • Define the Success conditions.
  • Create & Append file contents.
  • Attachment¬† of Log files (if any).
An engine that processes the excel input and generates and executes the test steps. (Built using the Informatica Platform).Automatic Logging & Email notification of Test Results. The Major features include:
  • Repeatability of Test case Execution.
  • Ease of use.
  • Provides high degree of Flexibility /Scalability
  • Can work with both Windows & UNIX environment.
  • Complete Logging & Email functionality.
  • Can perform a wide variety of tasks.
  • Converts the Test case into an OS script, hence better performance.
  • Excel Utility helps to quickly generate test cases.


System Requirements

  • Informatica PowerCenter 9.1 and above
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Any Database



Kannapiran is a Senior Consultant with Informatica's Professional Services group He has good amount of experience in implementing large scale end to end Data Integration projects. He has extensive experience in architecting/designing Data Integration solutions for BFSI Clients which includes Investment Banks, Insurance, Mortgage ,Wealth Management clients.

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