Agile Data Governance

Agile Data Governance

Posted by: First San Francisco Partners

We understand the significant challenges of Data Governance. Our customized Solution helps you better govern your data and provide measurable value to your business.


FSFP can help decision-makers in your organization gain a better understanding of what your data is worth and how you can align technical priorities with corporate objectives to make more informed decisions. We have a proven track record defining Data Governance strategies and implementation of those strategies in several industries, yet unique to your organization.By focusing on the following Guiding Principles, Agile Data GovernanceTM is proven to deliver a well adopted, value-producing Data Governance Program that delivers measurable long-term benefits to your organization :
  • Close and continuous collaboration between business and IT.
  • Keep it simple and grow incrementally.
  • Rapidly deliver results through frequent, regular iterations.
  • Client empowerment through critical knowledge transfer.
  • Uncover risk and misconceptions early and adjust.


Roadmap Development to define your Data Governance Strategy, including the right Operating Model for your organizational culture.Complete Stakeholder Analysis to understand who uses the data, how and why it's important.Articulation of clear Roles and Responsibilities, Accountabilities, Data Ownership and decision-making processes to ensure long term success.Identification and Execution of high value tactical projects within the strategic program.Measurement and monitoring to calculate business impact.Communication Plans to maintain alignment between stakeholder groups. Implementation assistance to embed Data Governance into your operational processes.Collaborative review process to readjust and improve.Guidance on critical Data Governance decisions necessary to successfully implement MDM.Data Governance tools vendor analysis to identify vendors that can provide and deploy solutions that meet your business requirements.Performance Analysis to identify areas of improvement for existing Data Governance Programs.Business case and cost benefit analysis to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative value of Data Governance to your organization.



FSFP is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in defining and implementing Enterprise Information Management strategies. The firm provides a full range of management consulting services customized to meet each client's specific needs and business objectives. FSFP consultants work collaboratively to share their extensive industry experience and superior technical expertise with clients in various industries. FSFP is dedicated to the cost-effective delivery of integrated IT solutions that achieve outstanding business success.Founded by a core group of technology executives with a combined 18+ years of domain experience in Enterprise Information Management, FSFPs brings a rare combination of hands-on-know-how and strategic thought leadership. The firm is made up of a core group of Business and Technology experts who served in senior-level capacities at leading firms in the Information Management, Enterprise Software and Management Consulting sectors.Our team of experienced consultants is from varied backgrounds within the database management community, spanning major database architectures. Our experience and leadership makes us one of the most respected firms in the industry.First San Francisco Partners is an equal opportunity employer and serves leading companies across North America. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages. Headquaters 3053 Fillmore, Suite # 120,San Francisco, CA 94123Phone : 888-612-9879

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