Informatica Big Data Management Docker Utility

Informatica Big Data Management Docker Utility

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Use the Informatica Big Data Management Docker Utility to create a custom container image and then run the image to create an Informatica domain within the docker container.


The Informatica Docker utility provides an quick and easy process to install the Informatica domain.

Download the Informatica Docker utility files required to create the Informatica Docker image and create the Informatica domain in a container .When you run the Informatica Docker image, you are prompted to create a domain or join a domain. If create domain option is selected then utility also provide an additional option to create application services(Model repository Service and Data Integration Service) with cluster configuration object(CCO) and connections.

You can also create the application services and connections in Informatica Administrator after the installation is complete.

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  • Big Data Management10.2.2 and 10.2.2 HF1


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