Data Quality Accelerator for Crisis Response

Data Quality Accelerator for Crisis Response

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality

The Data Quality Accelerator for Crisis Response is a set of rules that cleanse, standardize, and validate data in healthcare and related sectors. Use the rules out of the box to accelerate the deployment of a data project and enable data-driven decision making.



The Crisis Response Accelerator can help you find and fix errors and inconsistencies in your data; parse meaningful information from your data (e.g. patient, ICD, CPT, facility, comorbidities); improve your data structure; and quickly build a data quality project to analyze and manage your data in a crisis such as COVID-19.



  • Informatica Data Quality 10.4.0 or above


  • Rules with general cleanse and standardize functionality
  • Address validation, contact validation, and duplicate analysis rules
  • Healthcare-related rules that can analyze the following information: 
    • ICD-10 codes 
    • CPT codes 
    • Comorbidities 
    • Patient gender
    • Facility type and name
    • Blood type and diagnosis association (ICD-10)
  • Reference data sets


Online Support:

Telephone Support:

North America: 1-877-463-2435 (1-877-INFA-HELP)

Contact numbers of support centers in other countries

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