PowerExchange for Tableau: 30-Day Trial

PowerExchange for Tableau: 30-Day Trial

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Test-drive a 30-Day Trial of PowerExchange for Tableau with a sample sales data warehouse project. This proof-of-concept bundle will help you get started publishing directly to Tableau Server and Tableau Online.


Tableau Desktop is a data analysis tool that keeps up with you. It's easy to learn, easy to use. It translates pictures of data into optimized database queries. You can Connect to your data and perform queries without writing a single line of code. To view and play with your data is now even easier with PowerExchange for Tableau. It integrates and transforms source data and generates a Tableau data extract output file with .tde extension. A Tableau data extract is a compressed snapshot of data stored on disk and loaded into memory as required to render a Tableau visualization.  Use PowerExchange for Tableau to generate the Tableau data extract file based on data from multiple sources, such as flat files and SAP applications. PowerExchange for Tableau integrates with the Tableau Data Extract API to generate the extract file, which is a Tableau-specific file format. The Tableau data extract file that PowerExchange for Tableau generates is compatible with Tableau products.  You can use the TDE file in Tableau Desktop to visualize the data and identify patterns and trends. You can use PowerExchange for Tableau to publish the TDE file directly to Tableau Server or Tableau Online. What is include in this trial?
  • PowerExchange for Tableau installer (Windows and Linux)
  • Link to download Tableau Desktop
  • Sample Datamart project
    • Sample Heterogenous Source data.
    • Datamart Schema.
    • Informatica Developer mappings and workflow to load datamart and write the TDE (Tableau Data Extract) file.
  • Sample Tableau Sales Dashboard to visualize the data in the TDE file


  • Informatica Developer 9.6.1 HF2.


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