Normalize Data Using New Line Character

Normalize Data Using New Line Character

Posted by: Trianz Business Enabling

A mapping example that demonstrates normalizing the data without using a normalizer transformation.


Converting columns to rows, flattening the data is one of the most common requirements. More than often, PowerCenter developers address this requirement with the help of Normalizer transformation.Using Normalizer transformation can be complex as well as tricky. If you are new to PowerCenter world, Normalizer transformation also has a learning curve.There are certain scenarios which can be handled with a simple trick and without using a Normalizer transformation. The given mapping sample demonstrates the same.In the given example, we use a new line character (?\n?) to convert a column to multiple rows with a simple technique. Download the mapping file to see if it meets one of your requirements.


  • Informatica PowerCenter version 9.1 and 9.5


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