MDM Veriscope

MDM Veriscope

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MDM Veriscope is a Master Data Analytics offering that supports MDM and data governance programs by facilitating crucial analytics and reports along with the ability to execute ad hoc queries.


MDM Veriscope is a first-of-a-kind product built to support MDM and governance programs with analytics, reports, dashboards, alerting and ad hoc queries. MDM Veriscope is specialized for analyzing master data and transactions against master data to support data governance and direct you in making your MDM implementation more effective. At its core, this product is targeted at identifying quality issues with your master data, understanding how the data is changing, who is using the data and how are they using it. The application of Master Data Analytics allows you to gain and keep trust in your master data so it can be used with confidence.InfoTrellis has been engaged in some of the biggest MDM implementations in the world. MDM Veriscope can scale to hundreds of millions of master data records and tens of millions of transactions per day.MDM Veriscope is actionable, configurable, flexible, extendible and intuitive. Designed with the end-user in mind, it provides for fast time to value with over 100 analytical scans pre-configured and a dozen parameter-driven reports provided out of the box. It can be installed and configured for your MDM environment in a matter of days and we back that up with a Proof of Technology for our clients.MDM Veriscope provides MDM users with a more complete and comprehensive understanding of how their master data is changing by revealing trends in quality issues and issue resolution, data composition, consumer activity and SLA attainment.



Over a dozen reports that can be generated on a scheduled or on-demand basis with support for multiple output formats.Support for multiple time dimensions, time periods and breakdowns.Ability to create new reports.A sampling set of reports includes
  • Changed Data Trend Analysis Report.
  • Data Quality Trend Analysis Report.
  • SLA Attainment By Transaction Report.
  • Data Load Report.
  • Performance Analysis Report.


Over 100 Quality (aka Policy), Quality Resolution, Change and Composition scans.Ability to configure new scans and set master data policies.Ability to execute ad hoc queries (SQL) against an open and prescriptive model.


Ability to configure the master data model according to your MDM implementation.Ability to configure parameters such as SLA response times and error thresholds.Support for multiple MDM domains within a single MDM hub or across multiple MDM hubs.

MDM Product Support

Support for multiple MDM products such as IBM InfoSphere MDM, Informatica Siperian and Oracle CDH/UCM.Minimal impact to the real-time operations of the MDM hub.

  • InfoTrellis ROM can support MDM implementations based on IBM MDM Server and Informatica's Siperian MDM.
  • ROM was architected and built to support multiple MDM products and different styles of MDM (registry, hybrid and centralized).
  • ROM can be configured with minimal effort to work with customized MDM-Hub products.
  • This product provides adapters to popular MDM products; in the case that the required adapter does not exist, the InfoTrellis team will have it built as part of the implementation.



    InfoTrellis is a software company focused on master data management, data integration and big data solutions. We are founded by the team that created what is now known as IBM InfoSphere MDM Server while they worked at DWL Inc. (acquired by IBM In 2005). Headquartered in Toronto with offices in Dallas and Chennai, India, our team is comprised of top industry experts from around the world. Our consulting group works on MDM and Data Integration implementation projects; our products group focuses on developing and supporting products in the master data analytics and Big Data space. Headquaters InfoTrellis Inc. 190 Attwell Drive,Suite 450,Toronto M9W 6H8,Ontario. Phone No : +1 416 619 0797 Fax : +1 647 477 4039

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