Infometry HubSpot Connector - 3rd Party

Infometry HubSpot Connector - 3rd Party

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Infometry HubSpot Connector helps customer integrate various HubSpot APIs with on premise or cloud Applications like snowflake, NetSuite. Etc. Users can use the Infometry HubSpot connector to Perform Operation on CRM objects like Contacts, deals, companies etc.


Infometry HubSpot Connector can be used to provide connectivity between HubSpot and from variety of external sources like Snowflake, NetSuite etc. Infometry HubSpot Connector gives organizations the ability to streamline data and processes across information systems for operational efficiency, including the automation of training assignments and the moderation of administrative tasks.

Example use case: Data Integration between Snowflake and HubSpot. Reading data from Snowflake and writing data into HubSpot. Reading data from HubSpot and Writing data into Snowflake.


  • Infometry HubSpot connector supports seven CRM objects Contacts, Deals, Companies, Products, Tickets, Line Items and Quotes.
  • Getting Contacts, deal, companies, Products etc. details with all the properties associated with it.
  • Requires Oauth2 HubSpot credentials to use HubSpot connector.
  • Requires HubSpot API key to access the Quotes Object.
  • HubSpot connector support both read and write operations.




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Infometry is a pure-play data analytics solutions company helping customers with Cloud Data Strategy, Data Architecture, Data Warehouse, Cloud Data Integration and Advanced Analytics. Infometry has delivered over 100 Cloud Data Integration, Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytics projects. Infometry is unique due to their engineering partnership with multiple Cloud Data product companies such as Informatica, Snowflake, Matillion, Dell Boomi, Talend, GCP, Tableau, Qlik, CallidusCloud, SatMetrix...etc

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