MDM Composite Services Framework

MDM Composite Services Framework

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CSF provides additional metadata on top of the MDM enabling client applications to work with complicated and irregular relationships between and within complex business entities.


TaskData Composite Services Framework (CSF) is derived from the MDM business metadata that defines customer data schema and are required by external applications in order to properly treat data relationships. CSF provides additional metadata on top of the metadata provided by the Hub thus equipping the client application with extra tools to correctly understand more complicated and irregular relationships between and within complex business entities. The framework design built around business metadata makes TaskData CSF model-independent which allows the system to easily adjust to changes of the data model or serve multiple data schemas simultaneously without the source code modification.TaskData CSF provides the layer that could be used by application developers to  reduce the amount of coding required to customize certain business logic because it brings business entities native language for implementation.


Complete and comprehensive metadata driven collection of APIs incorporating MDM SIF capabilities.Provides convenient tools for various customizations.Requires no source code change.Supports composite updates.Facilitates MDM systems integration at enterprise level.Easily adjustable to database schema changes. Operates with composite structures (business entities) defining composite objects over base objects via a simple configuration file.Manages relationships between objects within composite structure transparently.Compliant with Informatica IDD i18n bundles, security models and data masking rules.Can be consumed via Web Service calls, WSDL for composite services can be generated automatically and driven by metadata.Developed and tested on multiple real-world implementations.

  • Informatica MDM Hub v9.1 and upper.
  • All other pre-requisites that MDM requires.



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