Mappings to read rejected rows/data

Mappings to read rejected rows/data

Posted by: Informatica GCS

PowerCenter Mappings to help you identify the data that is rejected by integration service while running a session.


During a session run, Integration Service creates a reject file for each target instance in the mapping or you can configure a session to log row errors into relational tables or flat files. These relational tables and flat files that contain rejected data are difficult to read. This solution contains two mappings that can filter  data that is rejected by a session from the relational table and loads the rejected data to a dummy table which has the same structure as the target table.You can download this listing as part of the Bundle : Data Warehouse.


Make your interfaces more flexible and reduce the overhead of reading reject file / error tables. You can also customize the mapping to get the source data that is rejected. You can load the data that is rejected into a dummy table having the same structure as that of the target table.

Informatica Product Requirements:

  • Informatica PowerCenter 9.1 and 9.5



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