MapGen Plus

MapGen Plus

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MapGen Plus is a combination of tools and utilities that can help you generate multiple mappings in few seconds.


MapGen Plus, as we call it, is not just one utility, but rather a collection of various tools and utilities available on Marketplace. When put together, it enables you to generate scores of mappings with a single command. Following are the required component to put MapGen Plus to work. 1) DBMetadata: This tool is included in the download file. DBMetadata allows you to connect to any popular relational databases and lets you generate PowerCenter compatible source and target definition quickly in the XML file format. These definitions are needed to generate the mapping. 2) Visio Templates: These are the building blocks for generating the mapping. You can choose one of the available Visio templates e.g.
  • Dimension Building: SCD 1,2 or 3
  • Mapping to load staging area
  • Data Cleansing mappings
  • And more?
3) MapGen: When you install PowerCenter, MapGen gets installed. MapGen is a necessary component that generates the mapping programmatically. This is how the process of generating multiple mappings looks like.MapGen PlusIn the download file, you will get example source and target definitions, vision template and a mapgen script that lets you generate mappings.


System Requirements

  • Informatica PowerCenter 9.1 and above
  • Microsoft Visio 2007 and above
  • Informatica Add-in for Visio


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