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Manta Flow

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Manta Flow analyzes data lineage in complex environments for use in impact analysis, documentation etc. Manta Flow analyzes system metadata (parsing complex SQL scripts, ETL configuration or report definitions), extracts information on lineage and data flows, and reveals the entire path of data. Manta then visualizes the result on a table or column level (record or field level), with optional filtering and other advanced capabilities.


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MANTA is the central hub of all data flows in the organization. Our scanners connect to various parts of your environment, automatically gather all metadata, and reconstruct complete lineage. You can then visualize the lineage in our native viewer app on the level of detail that meets your needs. MANTA is here to help with any task—you can search through all the lineage, focus only on selected parts, review previous versions, share your lineage views with others in the organization, and a lot more.

After the integration with MANTA, you can browse through IMM just like you’re used to, but MANTA fills in all the blanks your lineage used to have.

MANTA is able to analyze all code operating with data stored in the database dialects we support:

  • BTEQ scripts, stored procedures, views, and macros from Teradata
  • PL/SQL scripts, stored procedures, packages, and more, including DB links, from Oracle DB & Exadata
  • T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, and more, including linked servers, from Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase (now SAP ASE), and PDW
  • NZPLSQL scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM Netezza
  • DB2 scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL scripts, views and more from PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift and Greenplum
  • Workflows, mappings, sessions and SQL overrides from Informatica PowerCenter
  • Scenarios, projects, packages and mappins from Oracle Data Integrator
  • PigLatin statements, relations, bags, tuples and fields from Sqoop
  • Project deployment model and package deployment model from SSIS
  • Projects, jobs, subjobs, connectors, components and more from Talend
  • Tabular models and multidimensional models from SSAS
  • Reports, datasets and data sources from SSRS
  • Reports, interactive reports, framework manager models and more from Cognos
  • Workbooks, sheets, charts and more from Excel


With these features, you will understand how every procedure works, how the data transforms between columns, and get an overall picture of your data.

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NOTE: MANTA does not replace Informatica Metadata Manager with its rich selection of structured metadata sources and other capabilities. If you already use, or plan to use, Informatica Metadata Manager, please refer to Manta XConnect to get the best combination of technologies.


Thanks to MANTA, Informatica’s customers can see complete end-to-end data lineage and achieve a full automation of their Enterprise Governance Catalogs, which is beneficial for the customer in many ways, namely:

  • Helps the customer to achieve effective data Governance
  • Protects the customer from costly compliance violations
  • Provides the customer with an enterprise ready environment
  • Allows the customer to work with an enormous amount of data
  • Helps the customer to achieve ISO regulations standards
  • Offers the customer a low total cost of ownership
  • Has minimal maintenance and near to zero flaws


System Requirements:

  • CPU: minimum 4 cores at 2,5 GHz, optimal 8 cores at 3 GHz
  • RAM: minimum 8 GB, optimal 16 GB
  • 5 GB free disk space recommended
  • Windows Vista/Server 2008 or newer, Linux or Solaris, Mac
  • Java: 1.7, 1.8 or 1.9
  • Connectivity to analyzed systems
  • Connectivity to Informatica Metadata Manager




Technical support is available to all customers with valid subscription, as further specified in their agreement.



MANTA (officially known as Manta Software, Inc.) is an American-Czech company that develops the software MANTA—a unified lineage platform. 

With two offices overseas and a development center twice as large back home in Prague, MANTA aims to become the first-of-its-kind central hub of all data flows, allowing information users to understand the where, how, and what of their information assets.

MANTA currently operates on a global level through its own subsidiaries and a wide net of partners. The company’s customers include Teradata, Caesar’s, SCP Health, OBI, SKB, and Comcast.

United States Reseller

New York office (NY): (Headquarters)

WeWork c/o Manta Software
115 Broadway, Floor 10
New York, NY 10006

Sales office, west coast (CA):

315 Montgomery Street,

Floor 10

San Francisco, CA 94104

Rest of the world

Engineering Office (CZ):

Manta Tools, s.r.o.

Tychonova 270/2,

160 00 Praha,

The Czech Republic

Certificates & Policies

ISO 9001 + ISO 27001


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