Manta Checker, Informatica PowerCenter Edition

Manta Checker, Informatica PowerCenter Edition

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Manta Checker automates code reviews of Informatica PowerCenter workflows and mappings to help ensure that internal guidelines and best practices are observed. Manta Checker uncovers problems before deployment, even to a test environment, and helps correct errors and compliance violations.



Manta Checker automates code reviews to help ensure that internal guidelines and best practices are observed, and enforces compliance with relevant policies. Manta Checker uncovers problems before deployment – even to a test environment – and helps correct errors and compliance violations.

Standardization and quality assurance quickly become an issue in heterogeneous environments with more than two or three ETL developers. Development guidelines and methodologies have to be set in order to keep the ETL solutions maintainable and extendable, even in the distant future. These methodologies may contain hundreds of rules, ranging from simple naming conventions up to very complex design patterns for different types of solutions. With many of these rules, ignoring them will cause the solution to fail and may result in an SLA breach (e.g. forgetting to set a correct relational connection in a session). The ETL development guidelines themselves will do no good unless they are enforced by an authority capable of performing fast, reliable and repeatable checks.

Whether you are a developer, analyst, administrator, BI/integration manager, or you have another related role in your organization, Manta Checker will help you to:

Cut governance costs dramatically: Before your new or modified ETL solutions are deployed, they should undergo a thorough review. A high level of automation, enabled by Manta Checker, increases efficiency and minimizes the need for human oversight.

Increase the quality of code: An extensive set of rules covering industry standards, best practices, Informatica recommendations and, optionally, your internal guidelines ensure that the final deliverables are state of the art.

Establish accountability: The results of every code review can be automatically logged and remain available for further analysis, giving you a great tool for developer performance evaluations, vendor assessments etc.

Build and maintain QA documentation: The rule-based engine at the core of Manta Checker enables a simple, structured way of documenting, categorizing and sharing development guidelines and methodologies.

Saving time and costs

There are many types of developer errors that can lead to production failures, data loss or data quality problems (e.g. incorrect data types can cause foreign names to become garbled). Sometimes it may be difficult to even detect a problem, let alone determine where the affected data has been propagated in the whole data warehouse environment. Also, performing manual quality checks is time consuming, exhausting and error prone, especially when many rules are involved. Manually verifying one workflow against one single rule takes 10 seconds on average. In the case of 600 rules and 600 workflows, a complete manual check of one workflow will take approx. 1.5 hours and it would take one person almost 6 months to check all 600 workflows. Manta Checker can perform the same check in a matter of seconds, saving you costly development resources.

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  • Built-in set of dozens of rules including best practices.
  • Share your development methodology and know-how across teams.
  • Create custom scenarios with different sets of rules.
  • Add your own rules with complex logic.
  • Review and monitor vendors’ performance.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use, web-based user interface.
  • Works out of the box.
  • Designed for a single developer or large teams.
  • Set up scheduled daily/weekly/monthly validations using bundled command line tools.
  • Pretty print option, which formats input scripts by user's needs for easier reviewing.
  • Checking rules also can also transform, not only validate checked scripts.


  • RAM: minimum 8 GB, optimal 16 GB
  • Java Runtime Environment: 1.7, 1.8 or newer
  • OS: Windows Vista/Server 2008 or newer, Linux or Solaris, Mac
  • HDD: 300 MB 




Technical support is available to all customers with valid subscription, as further specified in their agreement.


MANTA (officially known as Manta Software, Inc.) is an American-Czech company that develops the software MANTA—a unified lineage platform. 

With two offices overseas and a development center twice as large back home in Prague, MANTA aims to become the first-of-its-kind central hub of all data flows, allowing information users to understand the where, how, and what of their information assets.

MANTA currently operates on a global level through its own subsidiaries and a wide net of partners. The company’s customers include Teradata, Caesar’s, SCP Health, OBI, SKB, and Comcast.

United States Reseller

New York office (NY): (Headquarters)

WeWork c/o Manta Software
115 Broadway, Floor 10
New York, NY 10006

Sales office, west coast (CA):

315 Montgomery Street,

Floor 10

San Francisco, CA 94104

Rest of the world

Engineering Office (CZ):

Manta Tools, s.r.o.

Tychonova 270/2,

160 00 Praha,

The Czech Republic

Certificates & Policies

ISO 9001 + ISO 27001


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