Healthcare Data Management for Payers Accelerator

Healthcare Data Management for Payers Accelerator

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Informatica's Healthcare Data Management for Payers Accelerator enables payers to quickly and easily create a unified and trusted view of member and payer data across enterprise applications and lines of business to keep up with changing business needs.


Informatica's Healthcare Data Management for Payers Accelerator simplifies how payer organizations can improve collaboration, quality of care, and reduce costs in the highly fragmented healthcare information ecosystem. The accelerator helps payer organizations use clean, consistent, and connected data to fuel business processes that support mission-critical operations, and power analytical apps for more confident decision-making. With the strategic management of patient, provider, organization, employee, plan, group, and location data, payers can begin to address previously daunting provider and member data management initiatives to:
  • Uniquely identify and create 360-degree views of healthcare providers and plan members.
  • Understand and proactively manage provider hierarchies and relationships, such as practice locations, specialties, credentials, licenses, etc.
  • Manage and view relationships between plan members, households, and recognize those members who are both a subscriber and dependent.
  • Gain improved insight and understanding of the efficacy of plans .
Informatica's Accelerators provide trusted business-critical master data and include:
  • A comprehensive prepackaged data model to achieve results quickly and with less risk.
  • Prebuilt business rules to automate cleansing, matching, merging and validating data.
  • A user interface, dashboards and a workflow to streamline data consolidation.


Flexible, prepackaged data model and configurationB2B Adapter for Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE)Cleanse, match and merge functionality Robust rules packageIntegrationRealtime lookups Out-of-the-box, workflow-enabled business user interfaceAdapters to technologies such as Electronic Medical Records (EPIC, Cerner) Versioning and lineageAll Informatica MDM FeaturesBulk manipulation (UI)Security To realize optimal results, accelerator elements can be configured to suit your environment.

Current Version: 10.1Release Date: april 29, 2016 System Requirements :

  • Data Model
    • Supports all code value combinations
    • Reference Data Set and supporting meta-data
    • Code values, translations, mappings
    • Additional miscellaneous attributes for Code Values
    • Additional miscellaneous attributes for Code Values
    • Hierarchies
  • User Interface and workflows for governance of Reference Data definition
  • User Interface and workflows for maintenance of Reference Data values, dependencies, cross-walk
  • Services-enabled
  • Import and Export capability
System Requirements:
  • Informatica MDM MDE 10.1
  • Informatica BPM

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