Data Quality: Automated Data Quality Scorecard

Data Quality: Automated Data Quality Scorecard

Posted by: Informatica Professional Services

Rapidly generate Data Quality Reports and Dashboards from Profile results in Informatica 9.5.1


Managing the quality of data within an enterprise requires precise feedback on the data quality of any data movement.  The Automated Data Quality Scorecard solution provides a means to take already ongoing activities (data specifications, expectations, validation rules and profiling) and combine them together in a mostly automated process to generate periodic data quality reports and dashboards to provide immediate metric feedback into the current and trending state of data quality.Included with the solution is a star schema molded after the Data Quality Dashboard and Report template, configuration tables to maintain data element specifications (such as data type, precision, valid values, etc?), a series of mappings and workflows to load profile validation results into the star schema and a pre-built set of dashboards and reports to provide visibility to entire process.


Data Quapty Dashboards and Reports. Reporting Star Schema. Supporting specification/configuration tables. Schema loading mappings and workflows. Scripts to help automate the execution. Complete documentation on overview and execution.

System Requirements:

    Package includes samples for use in Informatica Data Quality 9.5.1Pre-Requisites
    • Informatica Data Quality 9.5.1 installation including following services:
      • Model Repository Service
      • Data Integration Service
      • Content Management Service
      • Reporting and Dashboard Service
    • Oracle Database for storing of data quality metrics.
    • Jasper Reports and/or Tableau Desktop licensing.


This package is provided as-is for customers to get started with Automated Data Quality Scorecard Reporting. Informatica Global Customer Support is limited to licensed product issues. Informatica Professional Services can be enlisted for setup and customizations. Community Support if available:

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