Training: First steps with B2B Data Transformation

Training: First steps with B2B Data Transformation

Posted by: A.B Link Consulting

A.B LINK's Basic B2B Data Transformation guide mission statement is to provide new DT developers with the ability to fully parse a Purchase Order (PO) in text format within 1-2 hours. We focus on hands-on exercises and step by step examples to get you there.


At A.B Link, we believe hands-on is the best way to become familiar with a new tool. We designed this manual to provide ability to fully parse a text document using DT in 1-2 hours.   The guide includes the required introduction and parsing concepts, while skipping advanced technical information and functionalities. This guide also includes step-by-step walkthrough examples and hands on exercises (+ solutions) to introduce required basic DT components such as marker, content and repeating group. We added some useful practices and tips throughout different parts of the guide.


  • The assets for the guide were developed on Informatica Developer 10.2 but should be compatible with all Developer/DT Studio 9.x , 10.x


A.B Link is a consultancy firm specializing in data integration and management solutions with a focus on B2B integration. We have successfully delivered B2B training courses, consultancy and production support to a wide range of companies, including large, well-known corporations. Our success is due to our focus on our expertise in data integration and B2B. Our in-depth knowledge of the concepts, methodologies, and the ability to tailor a complete solution for the customer make us the right choice to deliver the right solution in the fastest time. Headquarters 459 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024United States

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