Full Data Health Check provided by Data professionals

Full Data Health Check provided by Data professionals

Posted by: Viqtor Davis

A holistic approach to the caretaking of data providing a unique perspective for identifying opportunities to improve time to market or increase data quality. Viqtor Davis can explore your data sources with you and provide you with a full assessment and plan to harness the real power of data for your company specifically.



We at Viqtor Davis have a solution to providing your users with feedback with regards to your data quality and processes. Saving time and money in the future.
Are your users getting lost in too much feedback or struggling to keep up with the evolution of business-critical processes?
Whether you are ready to make the leap to upgrade your product software, or just need some help to build a business case to support a change, we can help. Not only can we look at the advantages offered by the latest Informatica software, but we can examine the bigger picture for any wider opportunities to reinforce that case, whether that is leveraging improved data quality rules, or taking opportunities to improve and streamline business processes. We can deliver and implement a comprehensive plan to address your biggest data issues across technology, people and process.


  • Single and multi-domain solutions
  • Roadmap of your data created for your team
  • Assessment of your overall data maturity within your company
  • Collaboration on Data quality processes
  • Can be provided regardless of the scale or infrastructure
  • Not limited by any tool or product
  • Completely tailored to your business requirements
  • Expert advice from data professionals on how to improve your data strategy


VIQTOR DAVIS is a specialised team of over 350 professionals focused exclusively on business transformation through effective use of data for Automotive, CPG & Retail, Finance, Manufacturing and Government verticals. We partner with our customers in data science, strategy, governance, management and analytics and pride ourselves in being intellectually curious, brutally honest and genuinely caring. Our focus for 2020 & 2021 is on data literacy, artificial intelligence, predictive and cognitive analytics, lift-and-shift & management of Cloud environments in the data space.

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