Enhanced Operational reporting for Informatica P360

Enhanced Operational reporting for Informatica P360

Posted by: Viqtor Davis

Viqtor Davis has produced an out of the box solution to their clients to meet their reporting requirements around their product data using the P360 framework. Customizable screens produced to explore and monitor trends whenever you need. Easily consumable visualizations are used to help aid and speed up decision making at any level. Clear, accurate visuals can be provided for fast and accurate analysis of the data, saving time in the process of decision making within your teams.


Being able to see what your data shows whenever possible is vital for your company to create and deliver KPI’s. Constraints from data structures and reporting tools can reduce your ability to map and visualize your product catalogue.
Viqtor Davis has produced a flexible solution to map complex relationships between products and attributes and visualize them in a simple but effective way.
Live reporting can be optimized to update ways of monitoring your data and aid decision making. We can work with your teams to identify critical data for your company and identify what is suitable to measure success and growth. Configurable screens can be produced to help your team keep on top of data quality and improve speed to market. We make sure it is easily consumable and can do this without adding additional software to your stack. Reporting can be tailored to different types of users within your company.
Viqtor Davis can also help you move from operational reporting to analytical reporting to help gather more insights out of your data and realize new opportunities for your company to grow. Advanced analytical expertise from our team, can help you gain control and optimize your operations and begin to plan efficiently for the future.
Our reporting solution can be carried out over any of the data management categories from product data to customer and supplier data also. We can help you connect to other sources and channels you may have, to help increase transparency across your business.
Regardless of the tool our team can help you find a solution to your reporting requirements.


  • Out of the box U.I builds provided
  • Compatible with different data structures
  • Access levels for reports provided
  • Configurable reporting screens and visuals
  • Live and static reporting options available
  • Connect to multiple sources to see the data landscape of your company.
  • Not limited to any tool or product


VIQTOR DAVIS is a specialised team of over 350 professionals focused exclusively on business transformation through effective use of data for Automotive, CPG & Retail, Finance, Manufacturing and Government verticals. We partner with our customers in data science, strategy, governance, management and analytics and pride ourselves in being intellectually curious, brutally honest and genuinely caring. Our focus for 2020 & 2021 is on data literacy, artificial intelligence, predictive and cognitive analytics, lift-and-shift & management of Cloud environments in the data space.

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