Cloud REST API: Update Trigger on SFDC Account

Cloud REST API: Update Trigger on SFDC Account

Posted by: Kanthimathi Murugesan

Create an Update Trigger on Salesforce Account object. This Trigger should call the REST API and start the Informatica cloud task to reflect the changes in the local database in real-time.


An Informatica Cloud Data Synchronization (DSS) Task is used to load data and integrate applications, databases, and files. We can use a DSS Task to pull all updates and changes from the Salesforce objects into the local system. With the REST API, we can control when the integration task is fired off. So instead of relying on a manual/scheduled execution, we can start a cloud DSS task based on an event. This Listing demonstrates the use of the REST API to start the Informatica Cloud Task in real-time.


System Requirements:

  • Salesforce Developer Force account
  • Informatica Cloud Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle 10g



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