Bundle: Advanced B2B DT transformers

Bundle: Advanced B2B DT transformers

Posted by: A.B Link Consulting

A.B LINK’s Advanced B2BDT transformers bundle, will provide you easy-to-use and ready-to-run DT assets (transformers) that manipulate dates, numbers, strings and common EDI data types , beyond the out of the box transformers included in the product.


At A.B Link, we master B2B and EDI.

We designed this bundle to provide a set of transformers that can help to start a new project.

These transformers include common Data manipulation requirements that are implemented as callable functions, which can be used in different components of B2B DT. If you don’t find the specific requirement solution for your project, you can also use this bundle as a set of different examples of methods and practices to enrich your experience and learning curve.


  • Date conversions: Conversions with various date formats.
  • Numeric conversions: Manipulations with numbers.
  • EDI: Convert types R and N.


  • The bundle was developed on Informatica Developer 9.6.1 HF2 but should be supported in all Developer/DT 9.x, 10.x


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