and Informatica iPaaS."/>
Zuora Connector

Zuora Connector

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Access your Zuora objects using Informatica Cloud and Informatica iPaaS.


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Informatica Cloud Connectors deliver connectivity including getting data in to, and out of, a specific application.
  • Easily integrate back-office data with other applications and databases.
  • Backup your Zuora data.
  • Deliver better business intelligence on your Zuora data.


Rapid Connectivity

Access custom and standard objects as a source or target in an Informatica Cloud task.

System Requirements

  • Informatica Cloud Connectors are delivered within Informatica Cloud Services per request.
  • Secure Agent can run on Windows.

Informatica Product Requirements

Click below to view Objects supported



Informatica Cloud support options are available for paid editions of Informatica Cloud. Click here for documentation on the Zuora Connector.

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  • Hi,I am trying to use the Zuora connector to send information from Accoutns to Zuora Accounts. However, when I try to map fields from Salesforce to Zuora, there are no primary keys defined on the Zuora side. How can specify the key relationship so I can update the appropriate records in Zuora?Best,Li
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  • Hi ViralI did heard from your team once, but I followed his steps and still got the same error.This is very urgent and we have the demo with client.Request you to kindly help us asap.ThanksSumit
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  • I am also getting the following error while testing the Zuora connection using WSDL 42 version. Exception during Connection Making Process :: Method queryMore is exposed as WebMethod, but there is no corresponding wsdl operation with name queryMore in the wsdl:portType{}Soap. However, when I use WSDL 45 version, test connection is successful. But when I run a simple task of exporting accounts, it gives me the following error:[ERROR] Error while de-serializing the light-weight read operation metadata blob : [[IO_0009] Failed to deserialize XML, Detailed message: '[IO_1030] Deserialization failed. Serialization Spec Version specified in the XML Document is '4.0', where as Serialization Spec Version present with the Deserializer is '5.0'.'.]. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Sumit Jain
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  • This looks promising.How can I get trial of Zuora connector? Please advice.
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