Tableau Connector

Tableau Connector

Posted by: Informatica Cloud

Load, combine, clean and blend data for Tableau from multiple data sources, with a free trial of Informatica Cloud and Informatica REV. Fuel your Tableau vizzes with hand-picked data, no matter where it lives, without relying on IT.


Take Tableau to new Zen levels with fuss-free, self-service data management:
  • Connect to Single Cloud Data Source or Business Application.
  • 6-Step Data Integration Guided wizard Interface.
  • Upload CSV/EXCEL Files.
  • Process up to 10,000 Rows/Day.
  • Easy to use Cloud Platform.
  • Familiar Excel-like interface for quick data blending, ideal for non-technical users.
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Easily pull in, cleanse, and blend data from Excel and apps like Salesforce and NetSuite, with just a few clicks. Spot data errors, outliers, and make data ready for visualization in minutes. Script and automate these tasks to repeat/refresh with new data. Eliminate performance delays by creating smooth data integration flows. Get started in minutes with our step by step intuitive Zero Training environment.


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