Qlik Connector

Qlik Connector

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Use Qlik Connector to write data to a QVX file so that data can be analyzed and visualized by using Qlik products, such as QlikView and Qlik Sense.


Use Qlik Connector to integrate and transform data from sources, such as flat files, databases, and applications, to write to a QVX output file. You can load the QVX file to Qlik products, such as QlikView or Qlik Sense, to visualize the data and identify patterns and trends.

You can use Qlik Connector to make the data available as a QVX file for analysis in Qlik. You can load the QVX file to Qlik Sense to create interactive, real-time dashboards.

You can use Qlik objects as targets in synchronization tasks, mapping tasks, and mappings. When you run a task or mapping, the Secure Agent uses Qlik Connector to perform the specified operation and writes data to Qlik.



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