Doxee Platform Connector

Doxee Platform Connector

Posted by: Doxee Marketing

Engage customers with personalized, interactive videos and communications using the Doxee Platform Connector, a unique data integration solution. Drive relevant information from CRM/ERP vendors (Salesforce, SAP, etc.) to create response-generating customer experiences.


Engage customers with Doxee's best-of-breed Customer Communications and Customer Experience services. The Doxee Platform Connector nurtures your leads throughout the customer life cycle, improving response rates and generating more business. Whether you are developing interactive, mobile communications such as e-bills and customer care solutions, enhancing your DM programs with user-directed, personalized interactive video, or requiring highly efficient solutions for generation of transactional communications, Doxee has the ideal solution to meet your needs.Drive data from your existing Cloud or On-Premises ERP, CRM, Customer Engagement Platform and leverage its potential across the customer journey:
  • Capture attention and increase conversions with personalized, interactive videos.
  • Welcome your customers with relevant video stories.
  • Improve recurring, transactional communications such as bills/statements by changing static PDF to mobile, interactive experiences with a much improved customer experience.
  • Include personalized, explanatory videos that ensure content retention, and reduce call center workloads.
  • Drive renewals using pre-filled interactive forms ready for signature.


Quickly and easily extract data from industry-standard ERP, CRM, Customer Engagement Platforms and Marketing Automation systems such as Salesforce and SAP. Accelerate data mapping by tapping-in directly into Doxee's native data integration capabilities. Deliver multichannel communications and interactive, personalized videos at scale. Launch integrated, large-scale campaigns from your system using Doxee multichannel delivery or deliver individual messages to any of your customers with real-time data integration. Maintain control of your data and use Doxee On-Premises solution for higher compliance standards.


Doxee is a native cloud company that enables enterprises to efficiently create and deliver communications that evoke positive response and action. Viale Virgilio 48/B, Modena, 41123Italy Phone No: +39 059 88680

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