Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Amazon Redshift Connector enables users to quickly integrate data from any cloud or on-premise data sources with Amazon Redshift."/>
Amazon RedShift Connector

Amazon RedShift Connector

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The Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Amazon Redshift Connector enables users to quickly integrate data from any cloud or on-premise data sources with Amazon Redshift.


Amazon Redshift provides high-performance cloud data warehousing via a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your business data compared to traditional solutions.The Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services integration solution for Amazon Redshift is a native, high-volume data connector enabling users to quickly and easily design petabyte-scale data integrations from any cloud or on-premise sources to any number of Redshift nodes and gain rapid business insights.


Seamless interoperability with Amazon Redshift.High performance data synchronization.The only solution to provide ?Upsert? (insert and/or update) functionality. Step by step integration wizards for non-technical users.Advanced point and click integration workflows for technical users.

The Amazon Redshift Loader is a utility designed for users who need their data to be transferred from existing sources into Amazon RedShift warehouse. This utility can be invoked as a post session command by passing parameters. Example :java -jar RedShiftAdapter.jar -l -c -d \\Shared\output *.dat

  • -l file useful to log progress and internal logic [Optional]
  • -c AWS configuration required for the loader to work [Mandatory]
  • -d Specify the input directory or a file [Mandatory]
    • When -d mentions a directory; it can contain arguments with wild cards (multiple patterns is allowed).
    • When -d mentions a file; it will upload only from mentioned files (a list of absolute file names is accepted).


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  • What is the licensing cost for Informatica PowerExchange connector for on-premises addon to pipe the data to redshift? Please let us know if any one who has this information, i couldn't find the pricing information in informatica site or anywhere ? help is appreciated.
  • Is there away to transfer data directly from Informatica PowerCenter to Redshift bypassing S3? Basically a direct connect for PowerCenter to RedShift nodes?
  • Can someone please upload a demo for using redshift connector with informatica powercenter.Its confusing, as all the documentation says it can be used with on-premise powercenter installations, but when i click on "Start Trial" button on this page, its asks me to create informatica cloud account.Appreciate if i can get the steps on how to use Redshift connector with powercenter.A video would probably help.Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi,I have registered for the Amazon redshift loader and i am currently using the trial version of informatica cloud. I registered for the redshift loader today itself, could you please give me an ETA on when i will get the required loader? Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but i have a question, i have completed the process till the last step as shown in the demo, i.e i am only left with adding the post process step, i have also started a cluster on amazon redshift, is there anything else required on my part?
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  • Kumaran,Yes, you can also use this with PowerCenter. Take a look at the resources tab or use this link./content/dam/informatica-marketplace/public/comments/2297-3450/Amazon%20RedShift%20Loader_Read_Me.pdfThis should be what you need.Mark
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  • Hi,Is this solution for Informatica cloud integration or for on-premise Powercenter integration as well?Can you please let me know how to deploy the application jar file (RedShiftAdaper.jar) on on-premise Powercenter Server machine (Solaris). We have AWS account credentials for Redshift target database connection.Also, Where do we create the utilities config file and log file?Call back requested please.Thanks,Kumaran Krishnan770-633-3059(M)