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Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data

Free 30 Day Trial | $2000/Yr

Posted by: Informatica Ultra Messaging Unit

Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data efficiently collects all forms of streaming data and delivers it directly to both real-time processing and batch processing technologies to analyze and act on it while relevant. Vibe Data Stream will be offered as a 30 Day trial or a Premium Edition for purchase at an introductory price. You can also download the Kinesis Edition.


Informatica Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data (VDS) enables real-time data streaming and data collection for Big Data analytics, operational intelligence, and traditional enterprise data warehousing. Based on Informatica's established high-performance messaging technology, Vibe Data Stream is enterprise-class software that makes otherwise resource-intensive technology affordable and easy to configure and use. Vibe Data Stream provides:


  • High performance real-time data streaming and real-time processing with reliable qualities of service.
  • Out of the box support for a wide variety of sources and targets.
  • Centralized GUI for simplified configuration, deployment, administration and monitoring.
  • High availability, scalability and architectural flexibility.


* All customers who download the 30 Day trial of Vibe Data Stream will receive Open Access to Vibe Data Stream. Open Access provides customers with unrestricted usage up to 100GB of data collection per day with the exception of deploying in High Availability mode. For customers who want to deploy Vibe Data Stream in High Availability mode and who are looking for premium 1:1 Support Services we are offering a Premium Edition, 1 year license, available for purchase at $2,000.

Key Features

Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data is a distributed, scalable system that uses Informatica's proven high-performance brokerless messaging technology to greatly simplify real-time data streaming and collection. Key features include:

Lightweight agents for an ecosystem of sources and targets.

Brokerless messaging transport using a publish/subscribe model.

Flexibility to connect sources and targets in numerous patterns.

High-performance delivery direct to targets over LAN/WAN.

Simplified configuration, deployment, administration, and monitoring Business Benefits.

FeaturesOpen Access Free Edition Premium Paid Edition
Out of the box support for various Big Data technologies X X
Highly performant solution that can scale both horizontally and vertically X X
Easy to deploy, manage and monitor from a centralized GUI X X
Low effort to add additional sources and targets X X
Efficient brokerless messaging eliminates unnecessary data copying X X
Built-in connectivity to Informatica Power Center and Informatica RulePoint X X
Simple SDK to create source, transform and target plugins X X
100GB data collection per day* X X
Online forum-based community support X X
1:1 Support Services via Informatica Global Customer Support X
Ability to deploy collection nodes in High Availability mode allowing for:
  • Automated failover configuration on commodity hardware with no need for a shared file system.
  • Guaranteed data delivery using the solution’s parallel persistence capability.


Note : For data collection volumes that exceed 100GB per day, please contact



  • RHEL, Windows
  • RHEL: 2.6.x kernel with glibc 2.5.x+
  • Windows (64-bit): Windows 7, 2008, 2008 R2


  • x86 64-bit

Browsers Supported

  • Firefox 25.0 and above
  • Google Chrome 33.0 and above

Software Version:

  • 2.1.0
  • For More details, refer to the Product PAM.
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