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Undraleu™ ETL Code Review Tool

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Posted by: Coeurdata

Enable, automate, and ensure the quality of your ETL code with the Undraleu Informatica PowerCenter code review tool. Learn more!


With a simple motto of "Never miss a code review," CoeurData presents Undraleu®, an enterprise-class tool that enables best practice-driven ETL development. The hallmark of Undraleu® is code benchmarking against best practices for developers without changing processes or sacrificing agility and comprehensive ETL performance monitoring for IT management. Undraleu® enables defining and monitoring conformance to best practices and reviewing ETL code in an automated, efficient and corporate manner. Informatica ETL Code review just can’t get any simpler.


Undraleu offers a robust and ever growing library of ETL best practices out-of-the-box functionality enabling customers to conduct the Code reviews, and get immediate answers from a single place without the need to extract information from multiple peers in the organization.


Whether you are a manager wanting to have an insight into the quality of the ETL code being developed at a high level or an ETL developer wanting to ensure your ETL code meets the standards your organization has set to be met, Undraleu can help with its role specific code review dashboards and detail reports.


With an easy to use interface and a four step code review process, all the user needs to do is:

  1. Login.
  2. Select the code – Objects (mapping, session etc) or Folder(s) or Repository(ies).
  3. Select the checklist (Enterprise or Project or User Defined).
  4. Receive Dashboards and Detail reports for insight and remedial action.


Besides the time saved using the automation, Undraleu enables enterprise wide consistency in ETL Development. Given the benefits of automation the review cycle can be repeated multiple times within a very short time bringing agility to ETL development.



Agile Code Review using Undraleu

ETL coding life cycle.jpg


The standards to be conformed to can be defined at an enterprise level and implemented at a project level, enabling and promoting consistency and comprehensive coverage. This will be particularly useful for companies that require stricter control on code quality or have strict SLA’s. Undraleu provides a unique path towards consistent standards across the company with an added benefit of improved productivity in support and maintenance.



Enterprise Best Practices Regime

enterprise best practices regime.jpg



Key Features

ETL Standards defined in a centralized location. No more excel or word managed best practices and checklists stored in an obscure and not so easily accessible location. Undraleu maintains the best practices and also checks your code conforms to them or not.

Measure compliance transparently, consistently and with comprehensive coverage every time you review using Undraleu in a very short time.

Be it internal developers, third party consultants or offshore teams, this is the tool to add into your contract or Service Level Agreements.

Provides reports with different perspectives for developer, technical lead, application managers, architects or other business or technical stake holders.

Dashboard to indicate Category of the non-conformance e.g. Performance, Maintainability, Documentation, Functionality etc. Categories can be modified or added to suit your requirements.

Dashboard to indicate Criticality of the non-conformance e.g. Critical, Major, Minor, Information etc. Criticalities can be modified or added to suit your requirements.

Detailed Report to Developers indicating the location of the code and anomalies found.

“Framework” based code review tool. Enables building “frameworks” of best practices around key aspects of the code e.g. build a framework of “Performance” that will contain best practices related to performance aspects of the code.

Intuitive and simple to use. Login, Select the code & Checklist and receive report, it is as simple as that.

For more features and other details visit Undraleu®


Unless indicated all specifications are for Full and Trial Versions.

Versions: 5.4

Release Date :01-March-2012.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • All supported by Informatica PowerCenter.

Undraleu® Repository

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB2
  • Sybase

Informatica PowerCenter Product Requirements

  • Informatica PowerCenter Version 8 and Above.
  • Other versions available on request.

Informatica PowerCenter Repository Database

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Full Version only)
  • DB2 (Full Version only)
  • Sybase (Full Version only)


  • 1.6 and above

Web server/Application Server

  • Tomcat
  • JBoss (Full Version only)
  • WebLogic (Full Version only)
  • WebSphere (Full Version only)


Undraleu Repository database size = 50MB - Expected to grow to 1GB or more with new features (Including saving reports)

Processor Speed

  • 2.0 GHz or faster (Recommended)
  • 1.4 GHz (Minimum)

Server Physical Memory

  • 4 GB (Recommended)
  • 2GB (Minimum)

For shared server may need more physical memory.

For more features and other details visit Undraleu®.


CoeurData believes in offering one uniform level of support treating all our customers’ operations as mission critical.

For further details contact us on +1 (914) 202 2811 or visit Undraleu®
Web Support:
Phone :+44 (0) 20 7378 3752
Twitter :!/Undraleu
Facebook :
LinkedIn :

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