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UnboundID Identity Broker for Customer MDM

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Posted by: UnboundID

The UnboundID Identity Broker offers enhanced security controls over sensitive customer data and enables customer-directed preferences and privacy management to maximize the strategic value of your Customer Master Data Management program.


The UnboundID Identity Broker is the first of a new class of components for consumer and subscriber identity management architectures.


As a stand-alone server, it provides authorization decisions for client applications, provisioning systems, API gateways and analytical tools in any architecture involving personal, account, or sensitive identity data.


Unlike traditional role-based access control (RBAC) and XACML-based policy-evaluation tools, the Identity Broker is designed to make high-volume and high-speed authorization decisions based on ever-changing consumer profile and consent data. Functionally, the Identity Broker is both the Policy Decision Point and the OAuth2 provider for externalized authorization. Performance-wise, the Identity Broker can support the request volumes driven by the complex, real- time interactions necessary to support today’s consumer-facing mobile, social, and cloud applications.


Most organizations today are taking steps toward creating a common (or unified) customer profile – where the disparate and inconsistent pictures of a customer are reconciled into a single profile for use across multiple channels. An essential part of creating that common identity profile is to provide an analogous common consent function—centralizing multiple overlapping opt-in and opt-out registries and centralizing the logic for determining which applications should access the data in the profile, and for which purposes.


In conjunction with the other components of an identity and access management (IAM) stack, the Identity Broker solves the problem of managing user preferences and permissions while controlling and auditing access to the common user or subscriber profile by providing Policy Decision, Policy Information, and Policy Repository functions for data in existing repositories, without migration.

Key Features

Social Login and Registration: Allow consumers to login with third party providers Facebook, Google, and OIDC compliant partners.

Manage Consumer Directed Preferences and Permissions: Capture your customer's explicit consent and preferences to improve personalization and build brand equity.

High-Scale Authorization Engine: Authorize data access requests in real-time for consumer-facing applications and services.

Dynamic, Consent-Driven Policies: Define data access policies with templates that leverage volatile customer privacy preferences and dynamic request-based criteria.

Centralized Data Access Governance: Create a centralized method to define, enforce and audit policy-based decisions regarding personal data.

Phone No : 512.600.7702
Fax : 512.600.7799


UnboundID is the Consumer Identity and Access Management company. Market–leading consumer brands rely on UnboundID’s Consumder Identity platform to secure and leverage a unified view of their customer data in real-time, at scale across all engagement channels. The platform delivers unmatched security of sensitive customer data while enforcing each consumer’s individualized permission, preference and privacy directives. As evidenced by a 100% renewal rate, UnboundID’s clients realize improvements in customer experience, higher ROIs on their data initiatives, reduced risk to brand equity, and decreased operating costs.

UnboundID has many customers each exceeding 50 million identities in production, modernizing identity infrastructure for the most demanding environments. The platform is focused on consumer data, purpose-built with modern identity technologies, provides 5X higher real-time performance, and is the highly secure data store for more than a billion consumer identities.

13809 Research Blvd. ,
STE 500, Austin,
TX 787850

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