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Trianz: MDM Services and Solution Accelerators

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Posted by: Trianz

Trianz offers Master Data Management services which creates a single, trusted and sharable version of core business entities. Trianz MDM Solution Accelerators help customers in reducing the ‘Time to Market’ and ‘improves Quality and Predictability’.


Over the past several decades, many organizations have built various operational systems in silos. Businesses today are using MDM to help create a single data view by centralizing all the core business entities, and their attributes, references, hierarchies, and so forth, into a master repository that propagates this data into required transactional and analytical systems across the organization.


MDM provides a framework of processes and technologies to create and maintain an authoritative, reliable, sustainable, accurate, and secure data environment that represents a “single version of truth”. An effective MDM strategy includes data governance processes and policies which assist in resolving organizational data definition and data representation conflicts to create, store, maintain, exchange, and synchronize a consistent, accurate, and timely “system of record” for core business entities. Policies and processes should be flexible enough to absorb the changing business rules in an agile manner.


What Trianz Can Do For You?


Trianz Analytics and Information Management (AIM) Practice has expertise in building Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Data Governance and Advanced Analytics. Each of these core competencies has dedicated Centre of Excellence (COE) led by Practice Manager and have built a solid Knowledge Management repository and Solution Accelerators based on expertise gained through client engagements  as well as experimenting in our dedicated software labs.


Trianz's Master Data Management solutions are aimed at enabling organizations to cleanse, standardize, enrich and integrate core entities across the organization. Our services not only equip organizations in creating Master Data but also empower them with the tools and governance processes required to keep it consistent post implementation and facilitate expansion.


Trianz has worked with Fortune 500 companies on several large multi-year engagements as well as small multi-domain MDM engagements. We provide end-to-end services that includes both pre and post- MDM services like Data Integration (Batch & Real-Time), Data Governance, Data Quality, BI. We have dedicated MDM COE, which has set up MDM lab and researches on new areas of MDM, defines best practices & guidelines for project teams to ensure smooth and successful execution of the project. We have multiple solution accelerators (check below), that help customers in reducing the time-to-market and improve quality and predictability.



We help organizations in deriving Golden Record by understanding their Business Processes and System of Record and help align  Business Objectives with IT Framework and Governance and bring all stakeholders to agree on Unified Goal.


Trianz MDM CoE would :

  • Conduct workshop to illustrate Business Use Cases along with financial benefits and ROI Metrics for Senior Business and IT Managers.
  • Build Vision, Strategy and Roadmap in consultation with Senior Management.
  • Assess Current systems and processes and Identify Gaps and recommend solutions.
  • Create Governance Framework for entire Master Data Lifecycle.
  • Recommend MDM Tools and best fit MDM Architectural style for implementation.
  • Helps in managing MDM Program  and Governance Objectives.

Key Features

Eliminates hardware and software management, manual tuning and optimization, and complex availability and data protection.Eliminates hardware and software management, manual tuning and optimization, and complex availability and data protection.

360 Degree Customer View Framework

A framework to accelerate the Customer MDM implementations for Insurance Domain. This framework includes various reusable elements like, Customer Data Model, Pre-Configured ORS, Requirements, Design & Reference Architectures, Templates/Guidelines/Best Practices for majority of MDM implementations. For detailed overview of this framework, please refer to our presentation.

Data Integration Framework

Framework for Auditing and Control mechanisms, which are very critical for enterprise data integration.

Framework for Error Handling to capture reject records.

Code Review Tool for quick code verification and validation.

Migration Toolkit for migration from one version of the ETL Tool to the next version.

Test strategies for data integration between various data sources (RDBMS, Flat Files and so forth).

Data Quality Framework/Tool (XcelDQ)

A Data Quality Framework/Tool, which provides.

Comparison between different data types.

Custom SQL Support.


Alerts and notifications.

EDW Deployment Management.


Defect tracking tools integration.



Trianz partners with senior clients to implement strategic initiatives through a differentiated execution model to achieve results measured from a top-management perspective with a commitment to make a difference through flawless execution.

Trianz works closely with business and IT leaders worldwide to enable the execution of strategic initiatives designed to streamline a business function, enhance a major technology capability or even modify the enterprise itself. Trianz partners with clients to successfully accomplish business initiatives and claims satisfaction when a completed initiative achieves the results senior management envisions.

Trianz serve leaders in business and technology at Fortune 100 and emerging clients across high tech, insurance, life sciences, healthcare, financial services ,retail and public services. Trianz has expanded to seven offices worldwide with offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, Tokyo, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and UAE.

3979 Freedom Circle, Suite 210,
Santa Clara, California 95054,
United States.

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