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Siebel SFDC VIP for Informatica Cloud

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Posted by: Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Informatica Cloud Siebel – Salesforce Vibe Integration Package (VIP) is a blueprint for data migration and synchronization between Siebel and Salesforce applications with Informatica Cloud technology.


Informatica Cloud Siebel-Salesforce Vibe Integration Package (VIP) is a blueprint for data synchronization between Siebel and Salesforce applications with Informatica Cloud technology.


The VIP addresses two categories of application integration scenarios:

  • On-boarding (initial data migration) – takes place during Salesforce implementation. It is one-way data upload from the existing application (Siebel) to a newly deployed application (Salesforce). Initial data migration usually happens before the new application goes live;
  • Application data synchronization – takes place when Siebel and Salesforce need to share data. Data synchronization is a batch process that runs on a regular basis (hourly, daily, etc.). Only new and updated data is synchronized. Synchronization process can happen from Siebel to Salesforce and/or from Salesforce to Siebel


This particular VIP package focuses on ‘Opportunity-to-Sales Order’ integration scenario.


The VIP delivers configurable integration logic (mappings) between Siebel and Salesforce vanilla objects, accelerating the deployment of application integration projects. The VIP is composed by different bundles. Each of these bundles contains multiple one or more templates.


Below is the detail of the synchronization process:



The integration package focuses on the enterprise application standard configurations. Its content is country and industry neutral and it is meant to be easily customized and extended to suit customer-specific application implementations.


The VIP incorporates Informatica Cloud best practices. It greatly reduces integration project total development time.


The VIP provides its users with an accelerated time-to-value through rapid integration deployments. It serves as a jump-start for adopting Informatica Cloud as the enterprise integration platform.


System Requirements:

  • Informatica cloud account.
  • Siebel 8.2.1 with Oracle Database 10g and above.
  • Salesforce Spring 14 release.


Community based support is provided for this solution through the comments section below. Please use the comments section to post your question or feedback.

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