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Sameeksha: Automate PowerCenter Code Review

Free download

Posted by: Rishav Sharma

Automates the process of code review and generates a report in few seconds with detailed list of defects present in the PowerCenter mapping.


Time and again, PowerCenter users have to review their mappings for various reasons. The activity of reviewing PowerCenter code can consume a lot of time. Especially when a developer wants to verify each port in the mapping for the following:


  • Data types Mismatch.
  • Length mismatch to avoid data truncation.
  • Naming standards.
  • To ensure that all target ports are logically connected to correct sources.

"Sameeksha”, the code review tool automates the process of review and generates a report in a fraction of a second with a detailed list of defects present in the mapping.

"Sameeksha" reduces the review effort of the developer (Unit Testing) and code reviewer (Peer Review) by 90% to 100% accuracy.

Click on "Features" tab to learn what this tool can do for you.


You can download this listing as part of the Debugging Tools bundle and also Informatica Tools bundle.

Key Features

Automation of code review process.

Removal of manual intervention for the code review process susceptible to human errors.

Improvement and maintenance quality of the deliverables.

Saving of lot of time and increase in productivity.

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