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Safyr Metadata Discovery for SAP

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Posted by: Silwood Technology Ltd

Safyr reduces the time and cost involved in the discovery process fundamental to the success of data intensive projects involving standard and customized implementations of SAP


Safyr is an ‘ERP metadata intelligence’ solution particularly valuable in data integration, master data management, data warehousing, data governance and test data management projects all of which need to know about the SAP environment from a metadata point of view.


Large SAP implementations can be extremely complex. A typical installation might have 90,000 tables in the database not including the customisation done by each customer which can add to this complexity. This proliferation of tables makes understanding the environment very difficult. Further, SAP enforces database constraints not within the database itself, but within its application server. This means that traditional modelling tools, data profiling products, data integration connectors and many other aligned technologies cannot capture all the relevant metadata about the system, because they work only at the database level.


Safyr provides a solution to those needing to understand the SAP environment at a data level. Safyr extracts all relevant metadata including information about tables (plus customisations and row counts) as well as referential integrity that may be defined logically (in the application server) rather than physically (in the database). In addition Safyr provides information about the SAP Application Hierarchy as implemented.


Extracted metadata is stored in Safyr’s own repository so that it can be investigated without impacting on the source systems. Users can search, sort and filter against metadata to create domain-specific subject areas either starting on a table basis or from an application perspective.

Subject areas can be visualised directly within Safyr and can be exported to other products and technologies.

Key Features

Safyr has achieved Certified Integration with SAP® Applications.

Extracts all metadata from SAP implementations including customisations and row count.

Extracted information is stored in Safyr’s own databases to eliminate any impact on source systems.

Provides an intuitive interface which allows non technical and technical staff to search, explore and use the metadata to accelerate the discovery process in data intensive projects.

Provides an Application Hierarchy view of the SAP application as alternative search mechanism.

Results can be used to complement a variety of other tools including integration, modelling, ETL, master data management, metadata management, data quality, testing etc.


The latest version of Saphir Metadata Discovery is 6.0

Saphir Metadata Discovery for Siebel runs on Windows PC’s and requires :

  • A minimum of 1 Gigabytes of RAM.
  • 40 Megabytes of hard disk space for the Saphir Software.
  • A database for storing the extracted metadata. Saphir can also use a SQLite database.

Saphir Metadata Discovery for Siebel works with Siebel 6.5 and above.



Founded in 1992, Silwood Technology is a British company that is privately owned and funded with roots in the data modelling market.We believe that there should be a quicker and easier to incorporate SAP and Oracle applications into data oriented programmes such as Master Data Management, Data Integration, Data Warehouse, Data Governance etc without having to involve already overloaded technical resource or engage in tedious manual effort to find the right tables needed for the project.
Accelerating this discovery process and ensuring accuracy leads to faster delivery of project benefits, lower cost and reduced risk for our customers. It enables our partners to deliver more effective solutions to their clients.
Safyr does this quickly and easily allowing data analysts, architects and warehouse designers to find and exploit the metadata in their SAP, SAP BW, Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards applications with data modelling, integration and metadata management tools.

Silwood Technology Limited
Silwood Business Centre
Silwood Park, Buckhurst Road
Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7PW
United Kingdom.

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