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Ramco Master Data Management (MDM)

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Posted by: Ramco Systems Limited

Ramco MDM is a set of applications designed to extract, transform, and load data with sophisticated data cleansing and profiling capabilities to examine enterprise-wide information.


Ramco Master Data Management is an n-tier architected product and facilitates deployment across multiple architectures. It is a technology neutral and can work on 3rd party platforms as well. The application consists of the software components or artifacts like the client components, middle layer objects, and the data base objects.


Key functionalities offered by Ramco Master Data Management include Master Data Governance, Continuous Data Quality, Master Data Harmonization and Master Data Publication.


Today’s businesses, irrespective of their nature and size lack a single version of truth - a true view of business processes. Maintaining a high-quality, consistent set of master data for an organization is rapidly becoming a necessity. Ramco has been addressing this challenge for years using both systems and expert services. Whether the driver is compliance reporting for Sarbanes Oxley initiatives, eliminating excess inventory through the reconciliation of item numbers, migrating to a Business Process Platform or Service Oriented Architecture strategy, or a host of other reasons - we can quickly identify, target and resolve master data issues and restore confidence to business intelligence.


Your organization can be benefitted by the following ways :

  • Eliminate data redundancy across your organizations, and rely on a single source of truth to improve efficiency and productivity levels.
  • Keep disparate systems aligned and introduce reliable and sustainable processes.
  • Consolidate item numbers across all entities and optimize inventory levels, saving cost and efforts.
  • Reduce Customer instances.
  • Streamline reporting entities and produce faster, more accurate reports.
  • Enable good governance.

Key Features

Rules extensibility through user defined stored procedures.

Create, authorize, publish and audit Master data models.

User defined data integration rules.

Integration with ETL.

Data quality Dashboard indicating KPIs, Alerts, Reports, Work-list.

Reusable Data Integration rules.

Simulation facility in data harmonization.

Facility to move data from MDM table to duplicate table and duplicate to MDM table.

Paging in master data structure and master data view screens to improve performance.

Facility to move data from MDM table to duplicate table and duplicate to MDM table.

Profiling with categories.

Pattern based parsing.

Generic Stored Procedure for parsing and standardization. In addition to the pre-defined rules, end user defined rules also can be used for parsing and standardization using stored procedures.

Bulk rows processing using user-defined stored procedures.

No limits on ports.

Facility to save profile results, so that you can save the run profiling rules for later analyses and actions.

Support for ‘$’ and any other special character as delimiter in parsing.

Facility to define multiple characters in parsing.

Support for special characters in correction.

Support for case sensitiveness in correction.

Support for viewing source data with paging.

Paging support in MDM rule output for easy navigation of results.

SP support in matching. User defined matching rules generated through stored procedures can be attached for executing matching rules.


Ramco Systems provides next generation, end-to-end enterprise solutions that render complete transformation of the business in real time. Built on Ramco’s proprietary platform—Ramco VirtualWorks®, all Ramco products are cloud architected by design and address the entire business cycle from transaction to analytics. Part of the USD 952 mn Ramco Group, the company offers ERP, HCM, SCM, CRM, Financials, Service Management, Asset Management, Process Control, Project Management and Analytics to 11+ industry verticals on the most appropriate cloud model—public, private and community. Ramco focuses on providing innovative business solutions that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively in complex environments. Globally, Ramco has over 140,000 users from 950+ customer organizations across 35 countries. The company currently has 16 offices spread across India, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and APAC and employs over 1,800 employees.

Chennai, India.

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