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LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform, Service

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Posted by: LumenData, Inc.

Aggregate streaming data to make meaningful predictions in real time. Use LumenData’s customized machine learning algorithms to derive valuable new insights about your customers and/or your company to improve business.


LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform allows companies to turn streaming data aggregated from connected applications, devices, and sensors to gain predictive insights by using the latest advances in machine learning, big data, and cloud computing technologies.  Discover and visualize valuable insights for better customer segmentation and smarter product development.



Here are some places where classifying streaming data matters:

  • E-Commerce & Retail: Web events, CRM, and DMP data can be analyzed in real time to derive deep insights around Shopper Personas, Cart/Reservation Abandonment probability, CLV, and other propensities and to enable real-time site personalization.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Real-time analysis of machine data allows identification of discrete events, detection of anomalies, prediction of failures, and enables companies to take preventive measures.
  • Manufacturing:  Classifying streaming machine data enables powerful predictions on machine energy consumption, efficiencies, and fault tolerances.
  • Healthcare: Classification of patient and hospital sensors can be used to build predictive models for conditions leading to infections such as sepsis.
  • Telecom: Call detail stream analysis enables Operators to gain real-time insight into their subscribers’ usage and satisfaction levels, to reduce churn, and to boost profits.


We have developed algorithms for multiple markets including but not limited to

  • Recruiting 
  • Venture capital
  • E-commerce 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Healthcare 
  • Online education 


LumenData's Predictive Analytics Platform can be used with Informatica MDM and IDQ to create a data foundation. Check out LumenData's MDM & Data Quality Services offerings in the Informatica Marketplace.

Key Features

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

You can stay focused on growing your business while we manage the massive amounts of data.

We provide the infrastructure necessary to collect, store, classify, and analyze streaming data. Our platform includes the latest big data technologies and a configurable system that can integrate data feeds from legacy data stores alongside streaming data. Our cloud architecture has been designed from the ground up to ensure your data stays secure, and we comply with all commonly accepted web security standards.

Results are received immediately as a parsed data stream to power apps or as reports or visualizations for direct consumption.

In addition to developing custom algorithms specific to your needs, we are also available to build custom SaaS applications that use our machine learning algorithms.

LumenData's EIM (Enterprise Information Management) Services

Core competencies include

Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning

Master Data Management (MDM)

Data Quality

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Faster implementations with lower risk

Thought leadership and flexibility

Deep-rooted product knowledge from decades of experience and developing MDM products at major MDM software companies

Expertise in many industries, including but not limited to

Financial Services/Insurance


Life Sciences

Higher Education




LumenData’s expertise encompasses the following products and categories:

  • MDM – Customer Mastering, Product Mastering (PIM), Hierarchy Management, Supplier Mastering
  • Secure Cloud MDM services include Hybrid MDM and Cloud Integrations
  • Customer and Product Data Quality
  • Data Strategy and Solution Center services
  • Data Services – D&B, Informatica AddressDoctor, Loqate, and Acxiom
  • Integration using industry-leading middleware systems
  • Company-wide data governance, stewardship, and quality metrics


Contact ID : Tarun Batra,
Mail ID:,
Phone: (510) 282-8485,


LumenData is a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management solutions with deep expertise in implementing Data persistence layers for data mastering, prediction systems, and data lakes as well as Data Strategy, Data Quality, Data Governance, and Predictive Analytics. Through a combination of highly trained consultants, strong partnerships, relentless focus on quality and executive oversight, LumenData has successfully delivered planning, implementation, integration, maintenance, and training services to over 50 blue chip clients in various industries.

LumenData’s predictive analytics offering enables companies turn data into actionable insights by leveraging advances in machine learning, big data, and cloud computing.

LumenData has offices in Santa Clara, New York, Denver, and Bangalore. For more information visit: or email

5201 Great America Parkway #320,
Santa Clara, CA 95045.

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