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PowerExchange for Teradata

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Posted by: Informatica Platform

Informatica PowerExchange for Teradata enables any organization to populate data marts and warehouses of any size in batch or in near real time or extract data from Teradata databases and send it to any other PowerExchange-supported target.


Today's organizations view their Teradata-based systems as just one aspect of an enterprise wide data integration environment, which has resulted in demands for broader access to data along with the high performance and resilience needed to support continuous, trickle-feed integration strategies. But building Teradata integration solutions from the ground up is a considerable challenge.


Coding custom integration logic requires Teradata domain expertise, and whenever integration requirements include access to data managed by packaged applications, passed via message oriented middleware or exposed as Web services, additional hard-to-find technical talent will be needed increasing cost and risk. As data volumes grow beyond the point where batch windows can cope, more advanced solutions can be built on triggers, date stamps or similar techniques but using these methods is complex and can have unacceptable production impact. Add the recurring costs needed to maintain this logic as the Teradata database structures change, as the surrounding applications are enhanced and as the supporting IT environment evolves and the drawbacks of this approach become clear.


PowerExchange for Teradata overcomes these obstacles.


It lets PowerCenter directly read and write Teradata without depending on intermediate message queues or staging tables. Data is delivered with the kind of reliability that can come only with an integrated platform. There's no code to develop, so integration interfaces can be developed faster and more reliably, whether they require access to message-oriented middleware, mainframe, midrange or relational databases, service-oriented architecture and Web services or packaged applications. One family of products, using one set of skills, accesses them all.


The advantages of PowerExchange don't stop there. Each member of the PowerExchange family automatically captures relevant metadata from its sources and targets and shares it with the rest of the Informatica platform. Proposed changes can be assessed rapidly and implemented with confidence and the same metadata can help resolve questions of data lineage that often arise in audit and compliance exercises one more advantage of the Informatica data integration platform.

Key Features

Enables continuous integration of business events into Teradata, lowering resource use and enhancing organizational agility.

Provides reliable, once-only delivery with unmatched resilience to failure via tight PowerCenter integration and transactional Teradata access.

Supports compliance initiatives during development and execution through strict enforcement of Teradata security constraints and data encryption.

Lowers costs and improves time to- results by eliminating costly manual coding and reducing requirements for Teradata skills.


Informatica products are supported on all major server operating systems, client operating systems and web browsers.

The support provided varies for products, operating system versions and Informatica product versions. We recommend that you verify the availability of the product for the configuration that you need before making the purchase.

All existing Informatica customers can access details about the availability from the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) on the Support Portal.

All non Informatica customers can seek additional information by contacting us at


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