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PowerExchange for Siebel

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Posted by: Informatica Platform

By providing seamless Integration with PowerCenter, PowerExchange for Siebel enables any organization to deliver data managed by Siebel to multiple strategic IT initiatives - from data marts to operational data stores, including application integration, consolidation, migration, and synchronization.


Whether migrating to Siebel, consolidating Siebel instances, or permanently integrating with legacy or best-of-breed solutions from other vendors, many organizations find that their Siebel environment is not the sole system of record—but developing hand-coded integration solutions has proved to be a daunting task. Although custom transformation logic can be written to interface with Siebel, the sheer complexity of the application schema and Siebel-mandated APIs—and the scarcity of the domain expertise needed to use them—is only part of the challenge. Add the difficulty of accessing and integrating data managed by other enterprise applications, or hosted on mainframes—requiring more hard-to-find technical talent—and the recurring cost of maintaining this logic as the underlying Siebel application is enhanced and the surrounding IT environment evolves, and the drawbacks of this approach become clear.

PowerExchange for Siebel overcomes these obstacles. It reduces the need for sophisticated Siebel technical expertise by allowing PowerCenter to access Siebel as both source and target—while working with other members of the PowerExchange family to open Siebel to the rest of the enterprise. The initial development of integration interfaces is faster, and as changes become necessary they can be implemented more rapidly thanks to the extensive sharing of metadata among Siebel, PowerCenter, and all PowerExchange family members—the same metadata that can help resolve questions of data lineage that often arise in audit and compliance exercises.

Key Features

On-demand application-layer integration of data from JD Edwards World with any other enterprise data.

Error-free deployment of JD Edwards World-based data integration solutions.

Lessens demand for JDE World technical skills.

Eliminates costly manual coding.

Improves developer productivity with a single point of control.


Informatica products are supported on all major server operating systems, client operating systems and web browsers.

The support provided varies for products, operating system versions and Informatica product versions. We recommend that you verify the availability of the product for the configuration that you need before making the purchase.


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