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Mapping: Fail Session on Invalid Data

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Posted by: Anjani Kumar Bonam

Fail a session after processing all rows if any of the processed rows were rejected.


It is common to have data validation checks built as part of the mapping logic. When a row fails the validation check, it can be filtered out or rejected from being loaded into the target using an Update Strategy transformation. During a session run, when some of the rows are rejected, by default the session will reach “Successful” status. If one wants to fail the session when any of the rows are rejected then set the “Stop on Errors” setting to enter the number of non-fatal errors you want to allow before stopping the session. But this may not provide a solution for the following scenario.


Scenario :


A mapping does data validation before writing the row to target. When the validation fails, the rows are written to target with an error message. The session does not stop when error rows are encountered and should complete processing all rows. When the session completes the session should reach “Failed” status so that Administrators can know about the validation errors from the session status.


You can download a mapping in this listing which uses the multiple pipelines to fail the session after processing all input rows, when the number of errors is > 0.


  • PowerCenter version 9.1 and 9.5


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