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PIM Service API REST Analyzer for PIM 7.x

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Posted by: parsionate

Accelerate testing of PIM REST service API integration by logging every request or response in detail. You can also receive automated notifications if an error occurs during daily operations.


The standard Informatica PIM is equipped with a REST service API to exchange data between PIM and e.g. ERP systems, web shops or print. During the synchronous data exchange errors can occur. At this point, a surveillance and a quick analysis is needed, though not implemented in the standard application.


To support the implementation phase and especially the testing, our REST-cockpit assists with a clearly arranged presentation of the processed communication.  For that matter, there is a possibility to log every request or response in detail at any time. In case of need, you can receive automated notifications if an error occurs during daily operations.


Also the REST-analyzer highlights long running processes, that are candidates for optimization (e.g. by changed package size).



  • With the REST-analyzer error messages can be found in a target-oriented way, grouped and analyzed easily. Consequently, external REST-calls can be checked quickly and in detail. If needed, they can also be re-executed PIM-internally.
  • Detailed test and analysis possibilities shorten analysis cycles and so by shortening the time for locating errors in running operations the project runtime shortens as well.
  • We configure the REST-analyzer according to your requirements and accompany you to the quickest possible productive use of your synchronous PIM-interface.
  • With that, the customer will reach his target efficiently: A stable, tested, performance optimized and automatically monitored synchronous PIM-interface.

Key Features

Load test analysis for determination of the optimal package size.

Easy evaluation of the system logs.

Grouping of services (e.g. product creation, product structure-group assignment, etc.).

Runtime analysis (min., max., average, sum, quantity).

Grouping of objects, e.g. articles in warning or error state.

Collocation of object types (product, variant, article).

Monitoring during daily operations incl. active mail notification of erroneous objects (products, articles).

Easy storage of analyzed logs for documentation purposes (e.g. after an update or increasing data amount (history)

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Modern consumers expect comprehensive possibilities for information, purchase and service in all channels. The parsionate GmbH in Stuttgart develops suitable omnichannel concepts for its customers and implements these on a basis of standard software. The experts offer comprehensive consulting, deep knowledge in the leading software solutions and successful implementation to retailers and brands. Experienced consultants for e-commerce, omnichannel and product information management (PIM) as well as system architects and technical consultants are part of the team.

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Kranstraße 8,
D-70499 Stuttgart

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